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 What happens with applications?

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What happens with applications? Empty
PostSubject: What happens with applications?   What happens with applications? EmptyThu Dec 23, 2010 2:10 pm

As soon as you post an application here, it gets moved to a secret section for onDrugs members only where you get judged by our members whether you should or should not join the clan. You will know your result soon, be patient, do not create senseless topics about: "Where is my application?" "When am I gonna know if I got accepted?" "Why didn't you accept me?"

You will get to see everything we wrote about you, what was bad, what was good. You MAY get a chance to reapply again if you get denied.

So, good luck in your applications, I hope we'll get many great members Smile

onDrugs! alien

"Wow! This is just like Counter Strike!"

- Louis
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What happens with applications?
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